Male Companion

Male companions in Gigolomania are very professional and experienced guys. They know how to deal with every kind of situation. Everyday thousands of calls come to us for male companionship from our high profile clients. They pay a very good amount of money to our professional boys for their exclusive services.

Facts must be known about male companion

There are many theories which elaborates about male companionship but most popular points defer it from other professionals which you must understand. A short list of features of this profession listed below for precise reference;

  • Very basic thing, age must be more than 18 as it is adult industry.
  • Always be professional about work and analyse what exactly clients seek.
  • Maintain cleanliness and hygienic gesture.
  • Not addicted to drugs or alcohol.
  • Must have a decent communication skill to be a companion.

The above points explains about male companions in the adult industry. This is a very good profession to join and maintain a lavish life within a short period of time.

Benefits of joining as a Male Companion

There are many benefits of joining as a male companion but cannot be explained in a single word but some of them also you will get to know about it which are listed below;

These are the main features which differentiate from other professional jobs where you will get less amount of salary with lots of work pressure. You can also directly call us at +91 7438074097 or mail us at