Male Escort Services

Male escort service is the most demanding job in India where thousands of men are trying to get this job. Due to an increase in demand of male companions in between women, most of the organizers provide male escort services. Competing with other companies Gigolomania is one of the most reputed and demanding organizations in India. Everyday hundreds of high profile women come to our site seeking male companions. We recommend them to our most well trained professional gigolos. We are hiring male escorts, call boys for part time jobs where they can easily work on flexible hours. But before joining as a male companion one must have to know some guidelines which are listed below;

  • Must be educated to read and write well with knowledge of English, Hindi along with local language.
  • Candidates should be well mannered and have a good sense of dressing style.
  • Able to analysis the clients requirements and needs
  • Always maintain a healthy with good physic and hygienic lifestyle.
  • Know how to be a good communicator for more clients.

Procedure to join as a Male Escort

In India there are many ways to enter into this profession but there are some procedures to follow for connecting with our organization. Main aspects for joining our company given below.

This is the very simple registration process where you need to give your details only.

Gigolomania provides male escort jobs all over the city of India where one can easily join in their preferred location. We always try to make good communication between our professionals and clients so that there will be no misconceptions. You can also directly call us at +91 7438074097 or mail us at