Friendship Club

A new trend becoming very popular is friendship club where both boys and girls are joined to get each other’s company. Gigolomania provides the best match for their clients. Daily hundreds of clients seek adult friends to be with them for special companions. Thousands of handsome guys are already registered and earning thousands of money on a daily basis. Gigolomania provides a very flexible friendship club where one can easily join the club and chat with high profile girls along with personal care services.

Eligibility Criteria

Unlike other job, this job has no complex eligibility criteria. But before joining in friendship club you must know some sort of limitations or rule which you must follow. The list is given below

  • Candidates must be at the age of 18+, due to rules and regulations.
  • Must not be addicted to alcohol or drugs.
  • Great communication skills to deal with certain situations.
  • Dressing sense must be good as it will give an additional feature to you.
  • Must have respect for other women as well as this profession.

Procedure To Join Friendship Club

Though after knowing about all the facts of friendship club one must have to understand what are the procedures to follow it. Let’s discuss about that

  • Initially fill up the form which is given in this website with your personal details.
  • After completing registration wait for at least 24 hours, within that our agent will call you for your profile verification.
  • With all details we will reach you for further processing.
  • Completing your verification you will get the virtual id card for your identity as a friendship club member.
  • Getting your ID is for further reference to get clients in the friendship club.