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In India not just money managers, high profile men look for actual delight yet in addition ladies. They likewise carry on with an extravagant life and burn through truckload of cash in gatherings, clubs and numerous different spots. Most young ladies look for the sidekick of playboys because of their grasping abilities and caring qualities. From everywhere India we give proficient playboys to our clients according to their need. As of now there are numerous playboys who have joined Gigolomania and get in excess of 5 clients in a month. So on the off chance that you are keen on going along with us, you should realize a few realities prior to joining as a playboy and land the playboy-position in your locality.

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Who are the Clients in adult industry to seek playboys

Each high profile lady carries on with a sumptuous life yet additionally takes a high measure of pressure over the course of the day. They travel many spots for work excursions, go to parties, clubs yet they feel desolate inside, disappointed, focused, burnt out on continuously being proficient. With the goal that they look for individual consideration from youthful attractive young men. Despite the fact that they might not communicate it at any point straightforwardly yet at the same time need to look for playboys. So more than many our high profile delightful ladies arrived on our site looking for playboys, call young men, male escort or partners in crime.

Playboy Job

Ought to know real factors about playboy occupations before joining which prompts really investigating your ability for joining this industry as a playboy,

  • Ought to be aware of scrutinizing, making out of Hindi and English nearby with the local languages.
  • Dressing sense should be perfect as you could join social events or parties.
  • Phenomenal social capacities to have the choice to fulfill clients necessities.
  • Not subject to alcohol or drugs.
  • Great unassuming behavior and give respect to clients.
  • Stay aware of clients’ security as per the arrangements of our association.

The above shortlisted qualities you should have while you are joining as a playboy. Else you can converse with us to chip away at yourself by experiencing.


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Instructions To Join As A Playboy

Playboy is extremely intriguing position for youth. In India there are numerous ways of going into this calling however there are a few methodology to follow for interfacing with our association. Primary viewpoints for joining our organization given underneath.

  • Above all else top off the structure with your unique subtleties.
  • Subsequent to checking every one of the individual subtleties click on the submit button.
  • We will call you subsequent to getting your structure for check purposes.
  • Examine with you your ideal area of accessibility.
  • In the wake of Finishing your profile check, begin getting clients.

This is the extremely basic enrollment process where you want to just give your details. Gigolomania gives playboy occupations all around the city of India where one can undoubtedly participate in their favored area. We generally attempt to make great correspondence between our experts and clients so there will be no misinterpretations.

Playboy India

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all appropriate answer which is fluently asked by our genuine registered members.

Who is a Callboy?

Callboy is the experienced person who is smart enough to attract ladies and provide all kinds of companionship when required by any ladies or women.He provides all kinds of service in exchange of money.

Who are the clients going to hire me?

We have many clients with different age groups, from different location and personalities such as high profile ladies,single women,air hostesses,models etc.We provide service to our clients according to their preference.

How to join a callboy job in

You can join as a call boy by submitting all your personal details in registration form.You can have clients according to your choice and experience.

Who are the clients going to hire me?

We have many clients with different age groups and personalities such as high profile ladies,single women,air hostesses,models etc.

What are the requirements to join

First of all you must be an adult, physically and mentally fit for the job.

Is there any experience required to join a playboy job?

No experience required to become a playboy,call boy, gigolo or male escort in our platform.

Is there any possibility of misuse of our personal details?

No,we strictly follow our terms and conditions and we don't share your details with anyone except our clients such as high profile ladies,business women,models etc.

How much can I earn in a month?

You can earn money as much as you can by giving the best service to our clients.

Can I work near my locality?

As we are in great demand of call boys in every city in India.You can get clients in your locality very easily as we are providing services in every location of India and expanding our service to abroad.

Are there any registration fees for the job?

First of all we are not charging any fee for the registration on our platform.You can register here for free of cost by submitting all your details.But if you want to be a member then you have to pay some membership fee.

Why am I not getting clients ?

First of all you have to be a member of our organization by submitting membership details with some membership fee then you can be eligible for getting clients in your locality.

How much do I get paid for the service?

You can visit our membership plan section and get paid according to your plan.We are giving all facilities to our members to earn as much as they can.

Do playboy,callboy,male escort and gigolo jobs are the same ?

Yes, all are somehow similar but the response of clients in every location vary.

Do we provide In/Out calls?

Yes, our customer satisfaction is our first priority.We are providing Incall/Outcall as per your requirement.

How to Change my Photo from Admin Dashboard?

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Are you providing customer support?

Yes, we are here to help you.You can contact us by filling the contact us form.

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